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Coco Gauff "depressed" Interview Gets Correction By Father

We are big fans of Coco Gauff here at Ascot Manor. She's even liked some of our earlier Instagram posts. We can't say we're surprised by how the NY Post put a spin on this interview but it's not just Coco feeling the effects of the loss of tennis and having time to reflect on the pressure she has experienced as a fast rising young tennis star. All tennis aficionados are feeling the effects of all our favorite slams being canceled and the unknown of who will decide to retire early and so on.

We're glad dear old dad stepped in to correct what the media can easily interpret as cause for worry but if you've ever seen the fight Coco has on the court, we're confident she along with many other young pro players will be back in full gear and have a lot more to play for more once COVID-19 is behind us. Read the full article here.

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