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#earthday sustainable sport spotlight

A breakdown of Wilson's newest release dedicated to sustainable and bio-safe materials in celebration of Earth Day.


For the past 50 years, Earth Day has been recognized and celebrated globally on April 22 as a dedication to raising environmental consciousness. Brands of all sorts have made efforts to utilize eco-friendly practices in their products and the racket-sport staple, Wilson Sporting Goods is no exception.

Just as the calendar landed on Earth Day, Wilson released a new line of tennis rackets incorporating recyclable and bio-safe materials. The line consists of three different rackets, the PRO STAFF 97 V13, BLADE 98 V8, and CLASH 100 V2, all marketed at $299. Each racket is sustainably crafted with water-based paints, biodegradable grips, eco-friendly packaging, and recycled plastic grommets and end caps. Wilson emphasized that going forward, these eco-friendly materials will be a staple with all of their rackets.

Beyond just rackets, Wilson has greatly increased their efforts to create products with a minimal environmental impact. Their Triniti line features the first tennis balls with 100% recyclable packaging, pushing the limits of sustainable performance. They even donate 5% of their profits from this product to support sustainability efforts worldwide.

Wilson also has collaborations with programs like RecycleBalls which encourages players to collect, recycle and reuse tennis balls for uses such as resurfacing tennis courts. Tennis being a sport that is often enjoyed outdoors, we greatly admire the big companies at the forefront of the courts making strides in sustainability efforts. With that being said, grab a racket and a ball and spend some time outdoors today in celebration of Earth Day!

Shop Wilson's Earth Day collection here!



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