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Halloween, Dressing Up As Your Favorite Tennis Star

Tips On How To Execute The Most Iconic Tennis Players This Halloween

Holloween is the perfect excuse to pay tribute to some of the most inspiring and renowned tennis players of all time. These players have helped us with our mission, goals, and overall style here at Ascot Manor, so we have decided to create a fun twist on these iconic tennis looks for the upcoming holiday!

Serena Williams - Modern Chic

As one of the worlds leading tennis stars, it's only fair to have Serna Williams at the top of our list. Williams is always looking to elevate her image and offer her fans a bold statement to match her fierce personality. She truly enjoys a more contemporary way to express herself on the court, which is precisely what we want to represent in her modern chic aesthetic.

Whenever everyone watches Williams on the court, there is always something bold in her outfit to reminiscence on such as neon colors, abstract patterns, or unconventional ensembles specific to tennis, so if you decide to pay tribute to this icon on Halloween, remember that it is in the details of the garments that will sell the costume!

For example, in one of her most iconic looks from the US Open, we have Williams in a ruffled tutu dress with one-sleeved detail. But, if you're looking for something even more fun to encompass William's personality indeed, we have an alternative for you! Remember her jean skirt on the court at the US Open in 2004, because we do.

Here are some recommended pieces to feel like Serena Willians, even just for the night!

Look One: Tutu, Leotard, Racket, Sweatbands

Look Two: Top, Demin Skirt, Sweatbands

John Mcenroe- Vintage (Men's)

When we think of the all classic tennis look for men, John Mcenroe is precisely who comes to mind. The '80s were another vast shift in the fashion world, so it is no surprise that these styles started to be reflected on the court and part of this world champion's iconic looks for years to come!