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King Richards and Black History Month

The current buzz on the King Richards film falls perfectly in time with Black History Month


Looking for ways to celebrate Black History Month while learning about some of tennis’ greatest players and coaches? How about the biographical film King Richard directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green starring Will Smith, Demi Singleton, and Saniyya Sidney? This touching film follows the journey of Richard Williams, father, and coach to tennis icons Venus and Serena Williams. The film discusses topics such as accessibility, inclusivity, and sacrifice within the sport of tennis. King Richard gives us a glimpse into the experiences and journey to success for the Williams daughters and the ways this family’s humble beginnings went on to inspire millions around the world.

Strategy is no unfamiliar component to the sport of tennis. Far less considered, is the strategy taken to ensure players of strong potential reach their utmost level of success. Despite the incredible skill level of both Venus and Serena, their financial standing proved to be a substantial hurdle in accessing professional coaching and it took a lot of determination and perseverance from the girls and their parents. The story shows how the family’s shared passion for tennis and goals towards professional play was at times the culprit for familial strain, but they eventually found themselves out of no man's land and the strength of the family unit proved to be a huge determinant of their successes. Both girls quickly rose to the status we know them for now and despite all odds, have become some of the most prominent household names within the sport of tennis.

The film itself went on to be named one of the best films of 2021 by the American Film Institute and the National Board of Review. February marks the annual celebration of Black History Month, where the rich cultural heritage, triumphs, and adversities within the Black community are highlighted, celebrated, and recognized. For tennis lovers, King Richard displays a truthful portrayal of Black greatness within the sport and delivers an inspiring message to tennis and non-tennis players alike. Through drive, determination, and perseverance, anything can be achieved and the door is always open for the next champion to walk through.

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