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long socks vs short socks on the tennis court? you decide

Key tips and styling details on long socks vs short socks on and off the court.


To start, it's important to have a brief history of the origin of tennis players wearing long socks. It was extremely important that players wouldn't get rubble in their shoes every time they were on the clay court. Being able to go from match to match without being uninterrupted from your sneakers would be key in comfort, especially when traveling and moving on to your next match.

Regardless of the trend, there are other aspects to the high socks that are much more fundamental to the performance of the game. The higher the socks, the more covering of blood vessels within the calf and the calf consists of the foundations for full leg movement, connection to the thighs and feet to pick up speed. So, t the warmer the calves are while on the court, the better agility and speed of the player and the better the player.

As courts started to progress, the grass and cement courts become more popular it became less important to wear high socks within tournaments and soon became a fashion trend within the athletic community. Most recently, brands tend to subtly use long socks as a way to openly show sponsorship of their players. A shift in the style has started to take hold of socks and it's a subtle style trend that we continue to see on the court.

With that being said, here are a few suggestions on styling both long and short socks, and when to differentiate between the two. Men's styled shorts usually above a 7in inseam are a great opportunity to show a flare of style to add in a long sock to show some extra fabric on the court and a great opportunity to add room for branding, or a colorful sock to bring the pieces together. We can also admire a short set for women, with a bright color design, adding a muted tone long sock to cohesively add to the ensemble and subtly match the whole outfit for example the Women's Aristocrat Floral Shorts and Women's Aristocrat Floral Water-Resistant Cropped Tennis Windbreaker.

Another huge styling tip to consider for short socks, which happens more often off the court is more contemporary tennis wear and athleisurewear with longer inseams. For example, the Women's Aristocrat Floral Leggings are already covered and show a huge portion to warm the legs, but it also doesn't take away from the style and the design of the product which can be distracting with long socks. Another example of men's wear is a tracksuit coming on and off the court, with an ankle cut training sneaker which you can see here with the Men's Aristocrat Water-Resistant Joggers.


We hope you enjoyed some of our styling details and tips for long vs short socks. For all details on the outfits listed above are all found on the Ascot Manor website from the latest Artistocrats collection which you can find here. Subscribe to the official Ascot Manor Newsletter for more styling tips, and exclusive offers for the holidays to come.

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