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Style Points for Ascot Manor

Ascot Manor is proud to be featured in Baseline's tennis fashion article Style Points: Celebrating Black Designers Serving Up Fashion Aces by Stephanie Livaudais.


An Ascot Manor favorite,'s BASELINE offers all the best when it comes to court news, latest fashion trends, and pointers on tennis, fitness and nutrition. Throughout the month, the fashion coverage tends to fall under Style Points which ranges from tennis fashion history to the most current court-side craze. In their edition during Black History Month, BASELINE specifically uplifts Black designers, Ascot Manor being the first to be mentioned.

A photo from Ascot Manor's Instagram displaying pieces from our Aristocrats Collection opens the article which highlights a number of notable designers as well as familiar tennis faces who also have an interest in fashion.

Beyond simply showcasing the style, BASELINE also took efforts to emphasize our brand principles. The business model of Ascot Manor, which re-invests a portion of sales back into the business, is an important aspect of our company and we are proud to have that highlighted in such an acclaimed article.

Read the full article here and shop our Aristocrats Collection!

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