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Sabrina Santamaria Shares Her Secrets On How To Make A House A Home


Being on the go, even during the off-season, it's crucial to have a home and sanctuary to come back to. WTA Pro Tennis Player, Sabrina Sanatana who's ranked #55 in the world in doubles sits down with Ascot Manor Home to share some of her tips that make her house a home with her husband and pet dog Murphy.

As a California native, Santamaria loves to note aspects from her California roots that help ground her after her long hours of travel and competitions. She ensures to fill the house with all things Califonia, such as citrus and fresh beachy scents that help accessorize the coastal foliage.

Sabrina's stylistic goal is to ensure that her California narrative is a universal theme throughout her home to ensure that all her pieces complement her favorite fragrances and natural colors that she continues to incorporate into her style.

Her natural bohemian aesthetics, Santamaria claims, "Helps me feel balanced and harmonious while I'm able to rest on my days off." Being able to invoke a sense of calmness is significant to Sabrina's touch, and the natural elements bring in her "inner peace and balance" for her body to feel restored and rejuvenated.

"When looking for my home, I made sure that there would be ample natural light to help bring out all the texture from the rug to the sofa, and subtle accidents of the natural wicker to cohesively complement each piece individually."

-Sabrina Santamaria

Her favorite piece within her home is a framed map of Las Angeles, which can be found hanging in her bedroom besides other significant memorabilia and items gifted to her by friends and family. She explains that items in your home that hold emotional significance are just as important as adding items for stylistic pleasures. Creating a house into a home is defined by you, your style, and the feelings that you surround yourself within your place.

Her biggest advice to homeowners is to find staple pieces that strike a conversation and make you feel excited to look at and surround them with favorite pieces that also emotionally bring you joy.


We hope you enjoyed some of Sabrina's styling tips on what helps her make her house feel like home. To stay up to date with Sabrina and future styling tips, ensure you are subscribed to the official Ascot Manor newsletter provided in the link below.

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