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Transition Your Home From Winter to Spring #tennislifestyle

When all of the snow has melted away but the flowers haven’t quite yet begun to bloom, finding the best seasonal decor style for your home can be difficult. Although it might not be warm enough to put the cozy winter blankets back in storage just yet, you can still introduce the feel of spring into your home with a few key design elements.

Splash of Colour

Whether it’s a decorative vase or an eye-catching throw pillow, adding a few bursts of color to your space can phase in the vibrancy of spring without completely abandoning the cool, icy tones of winter. Here are some of our favorite picks from the A.M. Home Gift Shop:

For more ideas, consider these colorful accent pieces:

Flowers: A Timeless Spring Classic

You can never go wrong with a nice bouquet of fresh flowers, but if you want to take it a step further and really embrace the concept of mid-season decor by highlighting elements of both winter and spring, try a wreath of spring flowers. Say goodbye to evergreen branches, grapevine, and holly, and hello to tulips, forsythia, and English lavender. We’ve compiled a shortlist of our favorite spring wreaths that are sure to enliven your living space.

Up for a DIY project? Click here for tutorials on how to make your own spring wreaths at home.

New Artwork

There’s nothing like a new piece of art to transform the personality of a room. This could be anything from a beautiful painting adorning your wall, to a captivating sculpture on your coffee table. Here are some stunning pieces for you to choose from:

Feng Shui

Spring is all about change and revitalization, and sometimes all it takes to breathe new life into a living space is a little feng shui. Need a couple of tips to help get started? We’ve got you covered!

  1. Start by reducing all of the clutter that blocks the energy flow in your home. Feng shui experts liken clutter in the home to clogged arteries in your body. When you remove all of the items that have no real purpose in your life, you're creating space for new experiences and opportunities for growth.

  2. Release all of the toxic

ns in your living space by opening your windows to let the stagnant air out and the fresh air in—weather permitting, of course. According to feng shui experts, windows are the eyes of the house and therefore offer a glimpse into the outside world. Keeping them open for as little as 10 minutes a day will create a noticeable energy shift in your home as it allows the chi (energy) to pass through.

  1. Now’s the time for spring cleaning! Giving your home a proper deep clean not only symbolizes that your old patterns are ready to be released, but also allows for better circulation of chi.

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