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Unveiling the Artistry Behind Ascot Manor Sport's Headmistresses: A Conversation with Fard Long

Ascot Manor Sport is thrilled to introduce Fard Long, the visionary artist behind our iconic Headmistress collection. In an exclusive interview, Fard shares insights into his artistic journey, the inspiration behind the illustrations, and his aspirations for representation in both sports and art.

Fard Long in California

Developing a Unique Artistic Style

Fard's distinctive artistic style is a testament to his dedication and passion for the craft. Drawing inspiration from years of practice and immersive experiences in various museums, He meticulously crafted his unique aesthetic.

Creating Each Character

Delving into the process of creating each character for the Ascot Manor Sport project, Fard sought to evoke a vintage 70s vibe with a nod to the era's iconic fashion and hairstyles. While reflecting on his favorite character sketches, including one depicting King Richard and a Williams sister, Fard highlights the importance of showcasing diverse relationships and narratives within his illustrations.

Final logo with Ascot Manor Headmistress

Representation in Illustration

Representation is pivotal in Fard's illustrations, uplifting people of color and breaking stereotypes. With a mission to inspire and motivate, Fard aims to provide a mirror for people of color, reaffirming their limitless potential and celebrating their achievements. The official Headmaster logo will be released in the SS 2025 collection.

Overcoming Challenges as a Black Artist

Despite facing challenges and obstacles in the art world, Fard remains steadfast in his commitment to his craft. By staying focused and dedicated to his studio practice, Fard has overcome societal pressures and navigated through the politics of the art world, paving the way for opportunities to find him.

Fard Long original drawing of Ascot Manor Headmistress

Influences and Upcoming Projects

Drawing inspiration from various artists, including Pablo Picasso, Jean-Michel Basquiat, and Reginald Sylvester ii, Fard's work fuses diverse influences and artistic perspectives. Excited about his upcoming projects and collaborations, including releases for his brand "Offline N Outside," Fard continues to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

Contributing to Diversity and Inclusion

Fard's illustrations catalyze conversations around diversity and inclusion in sports and art. By breaking down barriers and bridging different perspectives, Fard aims to foster a sense of unity and understanding within the creative community.

Advice for Aspiring Black Artists

To aspiring black artists entering the illustration industry, Fard offers sage advice: stay true to your craft, remain focused, and trust in the power of your creativity. With unwavering dedication and a sharp mind, Fard believes that success will inevitably follow.

As Ascot Manor Sport prepares to relaunch with renewed vigor and artistic flair, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to Fard Long for his invaluable contributions to our Headmistress collection. Stay tuned as we celebrate diversity, excellence, and innovation on and off the court.


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